Why utilize Worrell Consultants and Investigations Inc. ?

Our clients can rely on WCI's commitment to outstanding customer service through confidentiality, integrity and knowledge,with a goal to provide a satisfactory conclusion to your needs.


Worrell Consultants and Investigations is committed to a high level of professional principles that we believe sets WCI aside and up front from our competitors. WCI is committed to working with their client in a team, atmosphere with regular personal communication and briefings as required and or requested. This allows WCI to maintain a proper direction for the investigation as per our client's wishes, while maintaining the integrity of the investigation or consultation. Any investigation or consultation undertaken by WCI will be done so with the utmost respect and consideration for the privacy of our client. Every case is thoroughly investigated or assessed, properly prepared and documented and presented to the client in a professional context ready for any judicial or internal proceeding.


Worrell Consultants and Investigations is committed to a Code of Practice and Ethics involving the following 4 principles: Performance, Service, Integrity, and Accountability. WCI is committed to providing the highest level of service to our clients. We believe that customer service is the back bone to any successful business. Dave, over his 35 years in law enforcement, has developed an extensive network of resources, covering multiple aspects of forensic investigation, both nationally and internationally, who are all highly respected investigators globally. This allows WCI to offer a broad field of investigative experts.

Worrell Consultants and Investigations is committed to excellence in service to our client through professional, and innovate and the utmost attention to confidentiality . In order for WCI to remain on the forefront of our industry, we are constantly reviewing our methods and techniques, as well as our ability to adjust to the changing environment and keep up with changing technologies and laws. This allows WCI’s methods to be carefully and legally tailored to the most sensitive or comprehensive investigations enabling WCI to excel in its results and offer the client a clear and precise solution and recommendations empowering the client to make informed difficult decisions. ​ WCI offers results and highly professional solutions to sensitive situations.



WCI also offers to assist the client in any implementation of new policies or procedures based on the recommendations resulting from WCI's consultation and or investigation.

Dave has distinguished WCI from others by successfully implementing within WCI, a forward-looking environment that is responsive to the changing demands of a global high-tech marketplace.

WCI offers competitive fees and billing to meet the needs of the client.               

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Canadian Private                       The Council of Private Investigators                 Certified Internet Research Specialist  

 Investigators Resource                             Atlantic Canada   


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Consulted on police procedure              Consulted on police procedure                                                                   Consulted on police procedure  

Sexual Assault Investigation                   Missing Person Investigation                                                                     Sexual Assault Investigation