Security Planning

Event Planning

security photo Worrell Consultants and Investigations will partner with the client in assessing the security needs of the client as they relate to a specific event. WCI will make the necessary security recommendations with the goal of the client experiencing a secure and enjoyable event.

Regardless of the type of event, corporate, sports or private WCI has the background and experience to provide the client with an accurate report of the security necessary for the client's needs.

corporate photo Dave was the security planner and director of the 2011 Canada Winter Games held in Halifax 2011. This event planning led to an extensive detailed and competent report to the Canada Games Govenors which provided them with a detailed picture of their security needs.

Dave also worked with local agencies and private security firms to deliver a successful, safe and secure, security plan Games.

In considering event planning, the following 3 guidelines are always considered by WCI: corporate photo

corporate photo Worrell Consultants and Investigations will partner with the governing bodies, identify events that require attention to security and define the level of security they desire for the event. WCI will work to establishing a security plan based on the level of security defined, and will also conduct a security risk assessment identifying areas of risk based on WCI's expertise.

Pre-event planning should begin ideally 12-18 months before the date of the event, if possible. Pre-event planning may often involve key partners including local law enforcement, fire, emergency medical services (EMS), transportation, public works, health, and other public agencies and the private sector—businesses affected by the event, as well as private security. WCI can make recommendations to cover the other stake holders in the client's event.

corporate photo WCI will review available information including, but not limited to floor plans, utility layouts, maps, aerial photos, and emergency evacuation plans as they relate to specific buildings and or venues for the event. In planning a safe and secure event, WCI may also consider the following:

Worrell Consultants and Investigations can not only provide the client with a detailed security assessment report for their event but can take the operational lead in actually implementing all the operational needs for the event with WCI remaining on scene throughout the entire event to ensure all aspects of the security are carried out successfully

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