corporate photo Worrell Consultants and Investigations will assist the civil or criminal legal team, by identifying evidence and information that will assist the team in reaching a successful conclusion.

WCI offers investigational and legal support for lawyers through such services as:

corporate photo Every case that WCI undertakes is treated as it may end up in the Judiciary system. Every case is thoroughly investigated, properly prepared and documented and presented to the client in a professional format ready for any judicial or internal proceeding.

All interviews and statements (written or audio), including KGB statements, are taken by highly trained and knowledgeable personnel exhibiting a good understanding of the laws surrounding statement taking.

corporate photo All contacts with witnesses or other persons involved in the case are audio recorded for preservation of the meeting. As such, all interview results can be submitted to the Court process with confidence they will pass any legal tests that may challenge them.

Worrell Consultants and Investigations professionally prepares for all interviews regardless of the seriousness of the investigation. WCI offers the legal community the same experience, knowledge and training as utilized in all our investigations enabling the client to build a case, with ​court ready evidence that will stand up to any Judicial proceeding.

One facet of any investigation, civil or criminal, is the due diligence. WCI understands that it takes a highly trained, experienced and knowledgeable investigator to analyze all the information available, using accomplished competencies, such as analytical thinking and organizational ability, to reach a successful conclusion. This produces the highest quality product for our clients.