Equivocal Death Investigations

corporate photo These investigations may present themselves as an accidental death, suicide or homicide.

Facts may be unclear, misinterpreted, or misleading and do not allow a conclusion based on the truth of the death. These investigations can commonly be open to interpretation pending further examination of the entire case facts, victimology, including a psychological autopsy and overall circumstances of the death.

These types of investigations often leave the surviving families with numerous questions and doubt in the results of the original investigation.

A subsequent Equivocal death Investigation by Worrell Consultants and Investigations will attempt to answer these questions and reach a determination of the circumstances of death, after a thorough case review.

Every investigation that WCI undertakes is treated as it may end up in the judiciary system. Each and every case is thoroughly investigated, properly prepared and documented and presented to our client in a professional format ready for any judicial review or proceeding.​​

At the conclusion of the investigation, Worrell Consultants and Investigations will provide the client with a detailed report, outlining the scope and goal of the investigation, detailed log of all action taken by WCI, witness and evidence summaries as well as a conclusion.