Cold Case Investigations


Cold Case Investigations are typically homicide investigations that have been subjected to the rigors of a police department's homicide investigative unit, and despite all the hard work and effort by investigators, has failed to gather sufficient evidence to support a charge of murder, or identify a suspect.

Cold Case Investigations have inherent shadows that cover them into the archives of law enforcement. First and foremost is the unresolved conclusion for the families of the victim. What truly happened to their son or daughter, mother or father?

corporate photo Secondly, Cold Case Investigations are expensive to investigate and require all the investigative techniques and aids that are presently available to law enforcement.

Accepted or not, running a police department in todays economic climate is a challenge, and funds must be allocated to where the best results are going to be achieved for the majority of the community. This strongly includes meeting the needs of the community as a whole.

Sadly, victim's families only occupy an extremely small portion of that population and certainly do not enjoy the funding or the attention their case deserves.

Worrell Consultants and Investigations will examine the facts of a Cold Case, including witnesses, potential suspects, forensic evidence and overall investigation by the originating police agency with the goal of supplying the family with an opinion as to what, if anything further should have been done, or could still be done to move their case forward.