Forensic Investigations


  • WCI utilizes digital forensic methods in recovery, processing, and chain of custody for evidence reporting and testifying. WCI has a certified forensic investigator, able to assist in a forensic investigation both in civil or criminal litigation.
  • WCI is able to review any forensic investigation and offer an opinion respecting the evidence, including continuity, proper gathering techniques and interpretation.
  • WCI's forensic specialist can collect DNA at any crime scene, process the sample and prepare it for and deliver it for Laboratory Analysis while thoroughly documenting all aspects of the collection and analysis resulting in professional and accurate documentation suitable for any Judicial process.
  • WCI only uses the most respected and past proven reliable Laboratories for the exhibit analysis process.
  • WCI can provide expert evidence as to the gathering, processing and continuity of the sample.
  • WCI is also proficient in the gathering and recording of fingerprint evidence and comparison.
  • WCI can provide Court declared expert evidence in the fingerprint field.