Workplace Violence Due Diligence by Management

corporate photo In today's business world corporate due diligence is extremely important, especially when it relates to a safe workplace. It's of the utmost importance to Worrell Consultants and Investigations that our client is prepared and protected.

Security assessments can be undertaken by WCI for all aspects of our client's operation including providing Risk Assessments for the safety and security of their employees and work place.

WCI personnel are well trained in issues relating to work place violence which can be a serious issue for employers both in productivity and safety. Employers have a legal obligation to address these issues and provide a safe place for their employees to work.

In todays world, workplace violence has become too common an occurrence. Attention given to present and past employees showing the traits that could be linked to future tragedies is paramount. This must begin with the employer, and with the assistance of WCI, can reduce the risks to other employees and the company.