Threat Assessment

corporate photo "If it is predictable-it is preventable.".

This is the motto of risk management. WCI will work with you to identify where your vulnerabilities are and then help you to reduce or prevent the threat altogether. The threats that many businesses face today are complicated and constantly changing.

"Security management has remained a theory of protection over the past centuries. However, the tools to implement it have changed. Some security measures have struggled to keep pace with modern changes. One change that is certain, however, is the consideration of terrorism as a major threat. It is clear that businesses and individuals are targets of these threats. We are in a new era where the security professional must give full attention to terrorist threats, intellectual property protection, burglary, robbery, shoplifting, fire, and other risks that are associated with security management." (Introduction to Security 9th edition)

WCI can provide our clients with workplace, office or home security assessments and will work with you to minimize those risks and or threats.