Law Enforcement Training

Worrell Consultants and Investigations Inc. is able to make the most of the experience and knowledge it is built on, and offer clients a variety of specialized training and educational programs to fit the client's needs. Seminars and training can range from 1 hour to multiple week long programs. W.C.I. will taylor any training request to ​meet the client's needs where possible. Core areas of training includes:​

Recruit Law Enforcement Training

  • This entry level training includes topics such as Investigative techniques such as note taking, interviewing witness, identifying and dealing with victims and suspects, securing crime scenes, basic death investigations for 1st responders, evidence gathering and continuity as well as report writing.


Advanced Investigational Training

  • Understanding Sexual Assault Course. This one week course covers the history of sexual assault, and focuses on the importance of offender fantasies, and behaviour, female sex offenders, juvenile sex offenders, false allegations, victim behaviour, date rape, pedophiles and child molesters. This training will give the investigator the necessary tools to understand offender behaviour which will assist in identifying a suspect and or conducting a successful suspect interview.
  • Understanding Homicide is a one week course which covers crime scene investigation, organized and disorganized offenders, offender behaviour, cold case investigations, mass and spree homicides and serial​ homicidal behaviour.
  • Advanced Interview Techniques is a one week course which covers the various techniques for interviewing the offender, the victim and the witness, but also focuses on different methods of detecting deception.
  • Understanding Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in First Responders (Spring 2016) Understanding Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in First Responders is a two day seminar which covers both the clinical and practical aspects of P.T.S.D. for first responders of emergency situations and or traumatic events. This also applies to law enforcement personnel who are investigators of traumatic events.