The Program

  • This is a one-week, hands on program that is comprised of professional audiovisual lectures, and case studies that represents the real world of law enforcement today.
  • Participants will be given the opportunity to examine cases and practice their skills learned throughout the week so as they are able to return to their respective agencies and immediately apply their knowledge.
  • The program is presented in a comfortable environment conducive to learning and the application of the new knowledge gained.
  • The program is instructed with an informal, yet professional approach where participants are encouraged to interact with the instructor, as well as group interaction. Your Trainer Dave Worrell has an accomplished career spanning 35 years of policing experience, largely in the investigative field, including (but not limited to) 16 years in Major Crime/Homicide, Sexual Assaults, 6 years in Violent Crimes and General Investigation, 3 years in Forensic Crime Scene Investigation and over 3 years in Violent Crime Analysis Section of Behavioral Sciences Unit of the RCMP. Spanning his 35 years in law enforcement, Dave has successfully partnered with other police agencies such as Interpol, RCMP, Niagara Police Organized Crime Unit, FBI, Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal Police Agencies. Dave has worked almost every type of Criminal Investigation including homicide, cold cases, sexual assault, robbery, fraud, break and enters, extortion, as well as the interception of private communications. Dave is a past proven skilled and successful investigator as well as an accomplished warrant writer and affiant of extensive Supreme Court affidavits for the interception of private communications. Dave is also skilled at, and has extensive experience in interviewing, managing large multi jurisdictional and multi agency investigations. Dave has personally been involved with100's of death investigations, sexual assault investigations, Criminal Investigative Behavioral Analysis (Profiling) and is a certified specialist in Violent Crime Investigative Analyst behaviorally analyzing over 100's of violent crime scenes, as well as a certified Forensic Crime Scene Technician, having hands on experience in1000's of crime scene forensic investigations and is a court declared fingerprint expert.
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