Post Secondary Education

Understanding the Sexual Offender

This is a dynamic program that examines the human behavior of sex offenders. Curriculum includes both male and female offenders, both adult and juvenile offenders, and identifying the behavior that drives these complex offenders. Understanding the Sexual Offender is a program that not only focuses on the behavior of the offender, but how fantasy and paraphilia can drive that behavior and how behavior can identify the type of sexual offender.

Understanding the Homicidal Offender

This in depth program examines the human behavior of persons who commit homicide. The program will examine both male and female, adult and juvenile offenders. The focus will be on crime scene behavior, and organized versus disorganized offenders. The program will also examine the different types of homicide, including serial, spree and mass murder and the offenders that commit these offenses.

These programs would be an asset to any post secondary institution to enhance its' criminology, sociology or psychology programs. Detailed curriculums of each training course or seminar are available upon request.