Course Outline

Offender Behaviour

  • What is behavior?
  • What is Criminal Investigative Analysis and how it can help an investigator?
  • Four phases of sexual assault
  • Components of thinking behaviorally
  • Sources of information for Criminal Investigative Analysis
  • Offender motivation vs Behavior M.O. and behavior
  • Categories of offender behavior
  • Why offender attitudes may change during a sexual assault and what those behavioral changes mean
  • The sexually violent offender and their behavior Pornography and the sexual offender
  • The ritualistic offender vs the Impulsive offender
  • The ritualistic offender and Fantasy Signatures and their behavioral components
  • The sex offender vs racial and cultural components
  • Sex offenders and elderly rape



  • Four Typologies
  • Why men rape?
  • Sexual dysfunctions common to Sexual offenders
  • Typologies vs style of attack Typologies vs purpose of attack
  • Typologies vs offender behavior
  • Typologies vs victim profiles
  • Organized vs unorganized offenders
  • Gang rape and offender typology
  • Typologies vs violence



  • What is fantasy Categories of fantasy?
  • Criminal sexuality and fantasy
  • Fantasy and the sexual predator
  • Relevance of fantasy Fantasy vs reality
  • Fantasy and sex crimes
  • Fantasy and MO
  • Fantasy and pornography
  • The paraphilia and fantasy


The Victim

  • Rape Trauma and the victim
  • Post assault victim behavior
  • Post assault victim disorders
  • Victim risk levels vs Offender Typologies
  • The victim behavior oriented interview
  • Was the victim targeted and its relevance?
  • Male victims



  • What is stalking Stalking behavioral typologies?
  • Offender behavior and commonalities
  • The stalking cycle
  • Secondary victims
  • Stalker profiles and behavioral characteristics
  • Stalking and fantasy
  • Victim behavior


Nuisance Calls

  • What are nuisance calls?
  • Types of nuisance calls
  • Relevance of nuisance calls to the sex offender
  • Relevance of nuisance calls to the investigator


Interviewing The Sex Offender

  • Sex offender behavioral typology vs interview Interview preparation
  • What to know Where to get the most important information?
  • The victim behavioral interview
  • What to tell and not tell the offender
  • Build on offender’s behavioral themes during the interview


Child Molesters

  • What is a child molester?
  • Child molester vs pedophile
  • Offender profile
  • Pedophile typology
  • Child molester typologies
  • Child molester profiles
  • Non-familial abductions
  • Stranger vs familial abductions
  • Child molester grooming
  • What is grooming?
  • Grooming behavior
  • Shame vs blame
  • Child molester behavioral warning signs


Female Offenders

  • Female sex offender behavioral typologies
  • Female sex offender behavioral commonalities
  • Female sex offender and violence
  • Female sex offender and their motivation
  • Female sex offender and psychological disorders
  • Female sex offender and paraphilia
  • Female sex offender and their victims
  • Female sex offender vs child female abuse victims


Juvenile Sex Offenders

  • Categories of juvenile offenders
  • Typologies of Juvenile offenders
  • Juvenile offenders and their sex offences
  • Juvenile offenders and violence
  • Juvenile offenders and their victims
  • Juvenile offenders and child molesters
  • Juvenile offenders vs Adult sex offenders Juvenile offenders and their victims


Date Rape

  • What date rape is
  • Types of date rape
  • Stages of date rape
  • Typologies of date rape
  • Warning signs and symptoms of date rape
  • The drugs of date rape
  • Who can be a victim of date rape?
  • Offenders who commit date rape
  • Victim commonalities
  • Victim Offender relationship
  • Offender behavior
  • Offender profile
  • Offender M.O.
  • Investigative difficulties of date rape