Fantasy vs Reality for the sexual offender.

The Fantasy Begins Here

Fantasy can best be described as the power or process of creating.  It can be compared to the offender writing a screenplay in his head.

For the sexual predator the underlying stimulus is often expressed through sexual aggression, domination and power. Sexual fantasies constructed around such themes begin around puberty and the individual becomes aroused with thoughts and fantasies of sexual aggression.


Fantasy is essentially a play that is acted out in the mind of a person. The fantasy always appears real and the role is played to perfection! However the offender soon comes to realize that reality is never perfect and never lives up to the offender’s expectations!


As one serial power rapist stated : “It never came down the way I imagined it would.  In the fantasy, after the initial shock of the attack, I thought the victim would be more accepting and responsive, but, in reality, that was not the case.  I did not have the good feelings I fantasized about.  I felt let down. . I didn’t experience the same feelings in the actual assault that I had expected to feel.  Everything was pleasurable in the fantasy, and there was acceptance, whereas in the reality of the situation, it wasn’t pleasurable, and the girl was scared and not turned on to me.”